Marsa Alam

The Location

Marsa Alam was born as a small fishing village on the west coast of the Red Sea, but now it’s a rapidly and steadily developing tourist destination. Considered a true tropical paradise with its imposing palm trees and its scenic mangroves, it’s one of the favorite destinations for windsurfing, snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts: its crystal clear waters with kilometers of coral reefs are populated by numerous animal and plant species with amazing colors.


For culture lovers, it’s very interesting to visit the ruins of the ancient emerald mining settlements in the mountainous area of the eastern desert nearby Marsa Alam in the localities of Wadi Gimal, Wadi Sikeit, Wadi Nuqrus and Gebel Zabara: here there are several mines, once widely exploited in the Roman and Ptolemaic periods.

Not far from Marsa Alam there are the remains of the ancient Roman Port of Myos Hormos, once the main gateway of the Roman Empire to India; it’s a port where there are still very well preserved Roman artifacts.